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With her first child due last month, actress JoAnna Garcia Swisher — along with her husband, Cleveland Indians first baseman Nick Swisher — is taking on the biggest job of her life: parenthood. In her new movie, The Internship, the hard-working native of Tampa, Fla., plays a similarly dedicated woman who has little patience for the career-stalled, slacker ways of Vince Vaughn’s character. We grilled the 33-year-old — and 21-year industry veteran — about her career.

American Way: What’s been your most embarrassing project?
JoAnna Garcia Swisher: I’ve never been afraid to embarrass myself on-screen. I think that’s the essential part of doing comedy: letting your guard down and not being afraid of getting ugly. That said, there are moments when I see Not Another Teen Movie on TV and I blush and squirm seeing the awkward years and terrible haircuts.

AW: Have you ever lied on a résumé?
JGS: [Laughs] I should have — I probably would have gotten a lot more jobs. But I’m one of those people who plays things safe.

AW: Are there any other professions you’d pursue?
JGS: Either animal rescue or interior design.

AW: What defines a good work ethic?
JGS: Gratitude. I think that if you always live your life with that, you appreciate the job. In acting, it makes you want to show up on time, know your lines and be supportive and respectful.