New gadgets and tech gear keep coming, but here are 3 no businessperson should be without right now. -
1. RICOH RDC-i700 ($1,299)
This camera does it all — uses the on-screen keyboard, Virtual Assistant software, and your PC modem card to surf the Web, send and receive e-mail with attachments, capture and fax text, record audio memos, and create annotated videos, newsletters, and home pages — inside the camera itself.
2. KYCOREA SMARTPHONE QCP 6035 (around $500)
What a sweet, on-the-run combo: A tri-mode digital cell phone with voice memo, speech-activated dialing, and five hours of talk time (180 standby) that flips open to a Palm OS PDA sporting an organizer, two-way e-mail, an 8MB memory, and wireless Web access.
3. RIM BLACKBERRY 957 ($499)
A full keyboard and 5MB memory let you input data and daily schedules, send and receive secured e-mail, and check on stocks and news wirelessly. We love the tracking-wheel access (no stylus, just scroll) and trio of alerts: beeper, vibrator, and vis-ual readout.