This spiffy Palm OS player is small enough to stow in your shirt pocket, yet chock full of features. We love the three-for-one deal: a mobile phone, personal organizer, and messaging device/Web browser. Send wireless text messages or e-mails with the help of the integral QWERTY keyboard or, if you prefer, Graffiti handwriting-recognition software. Look for a color-screen model ($599) this summer. (650) 230-5000, www.handspring.com
TOSHIBA e570 ($569)
It’s no gamble to play these slots — the e570’s twin expansion slots, that is. Now you can pop an MP3 player into one and a GPS into the other, for listening to music while you navigate. Or keep a flash-memory module in one slot to boost your storage space. You’ll have a 206MHz Intel processor, color display screen, 64MB of RAM (expandable to 128), and up to eight hours of battery power to help you get the most of your add-ons. A built-in digital voice recorder is handy for quick memos and schedule changes. (800) 867-4422, www. pda.toshiba.com
Already hot among Euro-trendsters, this combination mobile phone and secretary-to-go should score considerable points when it debuts stateside this spring. Use the Symbian-OS PDA, full keyboard, and software pack to create, edit, display, and store memos and spreadsheets, and view PowerPoint slides in color. Or exchange e-mail, send faxes, and surf the Web via wireless modem. And did we mention the built-in speakerphone? www. nokia.com