The Tour de France may be almost over, but there’s plenty of great bike-riding weather left this year. Whether you want to burn up a ton of calories or simply slash your gas bill by commuting to work, two wheels equal one smart move. Channel your best Lance Armstrong with …
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1 Mongoose Sabrosa Ocho / $1,129
Easy on the eyes but tough on potholes, bad drivers and other hazards of your daily commute. Geared toward maximum results and rider-friendly flexibility (like an adjustable drivetrain and quick-release pedals to deter thieves).

2 Sugoi Evolution Glove / $35
Bette Davis was right when she said it was gonna be a bumpy ride (even if she wasn’t talking about biking). These gloves will protect your ulnar nerve and support your median nerve while absorbing vibration.

3 Women’s Serfas RX Saddle / $55
Just like cowboys, bike riders run the risk of getting pretty sore in some pretty sensitive places. But modern technology and design has an answer for that. The saddle may look funny, but your backside will thank you.

4 Cannondale AMSTERDAM Jersey / $75
Escape the T-shirt zone and slip into something that says, “Yeah, I’m pretty much the real deal.” Sleek design on a moisture-wicking fabric that’s engineered with a UPF range to protect you from nasty ultraviolet rays.

5 CamelBak Annadel Hydration Pack / $49
Sure, you could bring a water bottle along for the ride. Or you could strap on one of these high-tech eye-grabbers. Remember: A deserted road is a horrible place to realize you’re out of water.

6 Schwinn Lighted varsity Helmet / $30
Don’t be stupid — wear a helmet. This one has an easy-to-use dial to ensure a proper fit in just seconds, plus a rear LED safety light. The life you save may be your own.

7 Garmin Edge 800 Wireless Bike Computer / $450
You know what’s even worse than getting thirsty on the trail? Getting lost. Keep yourself from going MIA with the first touch-screen GPS bike computer.

8 Chariot Carriers CX 1 Stroller/Trailer / $850
Don’t leave the tots behind — zip them into this aerodynamic marvel. It also can be configured as a jogging stroller or a cross-country ski trailer.