For Your Convenience
Sony’s PlayStation Portable is a great digital entertainment hub, but transferring videos, photos, and music onto the handheld has never been easy. Enter the company’s new Media Manager software for Windows PCs, which renders uploading, converting, and cataloging files a cinch. Just drag-and-drop anything — from CD-ripping to automatic content downloads (magazines, albums, films) and saved game backups, the program does the rest. $20. 

The PC’s Mini-Me
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First, Microsoft “borrowed” Apple’s user interface for Windows. Now, AOpen is copying the company’s design for the Mac mini and partnering with Intel to produce a line of ultra-tiny (think 15 cm by 15 cm by 5 cm) Windows- and Linux-based MiniPCs. The world’s smallest Pentium computers feature a DVD-RW drive, a 40 or 80 GB hard drive, and 802.11a/b/g wireless connectivity. No word yet on a thimble-size mouse. $399 (Linux model), $499 (Windows model). 

Looks Can Be Deceiving
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Don’t be fooled by its bizarre look, which is reminiscent of a bug-eyed, black banana: Saitek’s A-250 wireless speaker will jibe comfortably with any audiophile’s fashion sense — really. Just hook it up to your computer, and you can effortlessly stream songs in 2.1-stereo sound throughout the house. Crisp bass and silky treble make jamming to Joss Stone while in the bathtub that much sweeter.