Craving amusement between connecting flights? Try these new high-tech, travel-friendly wonders.

By Scott Steinberg  

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Personal Cinema System (PCS), $499
From: Headplay,
This is the first 2-D/3-D cranium-mounted visor to comfortably simulate staring at a 52-inch screen. Adjust the head straps; attach a laptop, DVD player, or video iPod; and enjoy — whether you’re relaxing by the pool or soaring at 40,000 feet. It also supports digital tunes and photos. Call it the “mobile home” theater.

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Area-51 m9750, from $1,299
From: Alienware,
The search for a cost-effective, style-conscious laptop that’s still brawny enough to easily run Windows Vista, let alone any application or game you throw at it, is over. Pick an Intel Core 2 Duo processor, pile on an Nvidia graphics card and a Blu-ray drive, and then watch multimedia scream on the 17-inch high-definition screen.

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Sansa Connect MP3 Player, $250
From: SanDisk,
Surprise! You don’t need a PC to appreciate this 4 GB wireless, network-ready MP3 player, which lets you download songs and streaming radio virtually anywhere. We particularly like the MicroSD-card-based storage expandability — and the fact that it works with any Wi-Fi hot spot; now we can recommend tunes to friends while we’re chilling at Starbucks.

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Treo 750, $399 (with service contract)
From: Palm,
Behold, finally a touch-screen and qwerty-­key­board Windows Mobile smartphone whose global calling support and high-speed e-mail, web browsing, and instant-messaging features offer everything road warriors need — all in a pocket-size package. Keep contacts organized, archive songs and snapshots on 60 MB of memory, and finish your work from the comfort of your seat.

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Runaway: The Dream of the Turtle, $40
From: CDV Software,
To get your vacation season started early, can that PowerPoint presentation and pop this puzzle-heavy animated adventure into your notebook PC. Its trouble-in-paradise plot, featuring 20-something Brian and his foxy girlfriend, Gina, who are stranded on a tropical isle as the tale opens, will instantly put you in the mood for piña coladas.

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HDR-UX7 AVCHD DVD Handycam Camcorder, $1,300
From: Sony,
Better color and 1080i high-definition video are what you’ll get from this slick new camcorder, suitable for home videos and amateur filmmaking alike. Capture vacation highlights at stunning resolution or shoot 6.1-megapixel (i.e., lifelike) still photos, and then screen it all on the trip home via the integrated swiveling LCD panel.