Anyone thinking about hiring a business coach — some of whom charge up to $17,000 a day — might first sample the Kool-Aid with Leverage Your Best, Ditch the Rest: The Coaching Secrets Top Executives Depend On (William Morrow).
Authors Scott Blanchard (son of biz guru Ken, of One Minute Manager fame) and Madeleine Homan capture the interactive coaching process between covers, starting with a 40-question self-assessment designed to reveal which of the book’s “leverage points” will help you most. Some may want to start with “Get Your Needs Met,” while others will jump to “Eliminate Your Tolerations” to work on those irritating, energy-draining situations, habits, and people that can weigh us down.
While not without its platitudes, Leverage Your Best is usable, well-written, and peppered with colorful vignettes of people dealing with corporate politics and creative roadblocks. Check it out to see if a “real” coach is for you. — CHRIS TUCKER.