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Hot Springs Eternal

Natural hot springs are theearth's way of providing spa treatments - soothing surges of warm waterperfect for washing away our stress. So before you hurtle headlong intothe busy holiday season, try soaking in one of these spectacular hotsprings. They're Mother Nature's way of helping us relax. - Josh Sens

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Caracalla Thermal Baths,
Baden-Baden, Germany
Baden-Baden,in Germany's Black Forest, means "bath bath," and these are among theresort town's finest. They're a collection of soaking pools in afacility that also offers eucalyptus-scented saunas. From $27.

Wilbur Hot Springs,
Wilbur Springs, California

Shelteredby a bathhouse, the warm waters of Wilbur are shunted through threeflumes and end up pooling into natural baths of varying temperatures.The hot springs are two and a half hours by car from San Francisco andan hour and a half from Sacramento. $45 day rate.

Gellert Baths and Spa,
Budapest, Hungary

Ina city famous for abundant hot springs, few are more alluring than thisnatural spa, which is ringed by mosaics, plants, and marble statues.From $14.

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Boiling River,
Yellowstone National Park
Ashort drive from the park's north entrance, the aptly named BoilingRiver converges with the icy waters of the Gardiner River, creating anideal spot for outdoor soaking. The surroundings, of course, can't bebeat.
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Tokyo, Japan