Mizuno Pro Limited Edition series baseball gloves are the most expensive on the market. But that’s chump change for major league all–stars like Philadelphia Phillies shortstop Jimmy Rollins and San Francisco Giants pitcher Matt Cain, who turn to these mitts every spring.

For the rest of us, it’s a lot of greenbacks for a piece of leather. Here’s what makes these gloves the priciest in the game:
  • Independent movement among the fingers lets a fielder know where the ball is at all times.

  • It features Deguchi Kip Leather, a soft, lightweight material composed of tight, high-tensile fibers for enhanced durability.

  • Mizuno’s Speed Drive Technology creates a perfectly balanced pocket for a sharply hit ball to rest in once it touches leather, allowing the Pro Edition to provide quick reaction time.

  • The glove’s interior is lined with deerskin to deliver a soft palm grip.

  • Mizuno offers a one-time reconditioning service in which Mizuno-trained craftsmen restore and repair the glove, replacing felt, lacing and webbing and treating the leather with strong oil.