Music-journalist-turned-baker Roxy Rubell tells how she re-invented the retro dessert classic affectionately known as the whoopie pie — and took Los Angeles by storm in the process.

  • Image about Whoopie Pies are the redux of the Cupcake
Whoopie pies (two small, moundshaped cakes with a cream center) were most popular in the Northeast and date back several generations. I grew up in New Hampshire and loved them — still do.

The Redux: One day, at home in LA — vacuuming, I might add! — I randomly thought, It’s time to move on from music journalism and to bring these treats back!

But I wanted it to be in an unexpected way. My company name, Baking Whoopie, came to me on the spot.

High on the Pie: I 86’d trans fat and reduced the traditional size. Who needs to eat a 4 1/2inch pie nowadays? And I committed to high-quality ingredients, like Callebaut chocolate and Tahitian vanilla.

Mix and Match: My take on the classic black-and-white combo is Belgian chocolate cake with vanilla-marshmallow crème . From there the limit is really pie in the sky! Red velvet cake with mocha crème, Meyer lemon cake and vanilla-strawberry crème, peanut butter cake with salted-caramel crème … dream it, and I can make it. Net Results: We cater locally and do mail order via the Internet. We ship all over the world.

C’mon, Get Happy: People smile when they eat my whoopie pies. At the end of the day, that’s all that matters.

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