IF YOU’VE CONFUSED the water aisle at your local grocery store with the candy aisle lately, don’t worry -- it’s completely understandable. After all, these days purveyors of bottled water have ratchetted up the color and the content of their products with supposedly better-for-you waters enhanced with vitamins, minerals, and herbs and sporting funky flavors more reminiscent of Kool-Aid than good old H2O.

But are all these candy-colored new waters actually healthier for you than the unenhanced versions -- and do they really taste better?

Three phone calls to nutritionists and 19 bottles of water later (yes, wetasted each and every one), we’ve reached a few conclusions: The health benefits in drinks like Vitamin water don’t come from the vitamins; they come from the water. Why? Because most American adults already get the vitamins they need from their food, much of which is vitamin-fortified.That said, while the benefits associated with these drinks’ extranutrients are negligible, their pretty colors and punchy flavors may be useful in helping people stay hydrated. But tread carefully. During ourtaste test, we found several of the brands left a lot to be desired inthe flavor department. These six, however, made the cut. -- Meredith Simons

Glacéau’s Vitaminwater: Power-C
THE FLAVOR Dragonfruit
THE CLAIM Can provide you with “enough strength to bench-press llamas.” (We did not test this.)
THE CONTENTS Taurine, vitamin C
CALORIES 125 (one 20-ounce Coke has 240 calories)
SUGAR 32 grams (the aforementioned Coke has 65 grams)
CELEBRITY ENDORSERS Too many to name … includes Carrie Underwood, LeBron James, 50 Cent, Donovan McNabb, and Tony Parker.

Walgreen’s Pure American: Lemonade
THE FLAVOR Um, lemonade
THE CLAIM Provides you with vitamins from “a -- zinc.”
THE CONTENTS At least 10 percent of the daily recommended amount of vitamin A, a handful of B vitamins, vitamin E, folic acid, and zinc
SUGAR 0 grams

Aquafina’s Alive: Protect
THE FLAVOR Berry Pomegranate
THE CLAIM Its antioxidants “help to protect your body from free radicals.”
THE CONTENTS 25 percent of your RDA for vitamin C and vitamin E
SUGAR 0 grams

SoBe’s Life Water: E-ssential
THE FLAVOR Yuzu Black Currant
THE CLAIM It’s a “vitamin-enhanced water beverage.”
THE CONTENTS Açai and juniper, B vitamins, and more than twice the vitamin C you need every day
SUGAR 23 grams
CELEBRITY ENDORSERS Naomi Campbell and Lee the Lizard (of the creepy dancing lizards in SoBe’s “Thrillicious” commercial)

Our Favorite!

Glacéau’s Smartwater
THE FLAVOR Water. Just water.
THE CLAIM “Purity you can taste + hydration you can feel”; no word on what makes it so smart.
THE CONTENTS Electrolytes
SUGAR 0 grams
CELEBRITY ENDORSERS Jennifer Aniston, Tom Brady

Aquafina’s Alive: Satisfy
THE FLAVOR Peach Mango
THE CLAIM “Enhanced with … fiber to help lightly fill you up.”
THE CONTENTS 25 percent of the RDA for fiber in each bottle
SUGAR 0 grams