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Travel can take its toll on a regular workout schedule. Ill-equipped hotel gyms, unfamiliar new cities and limited time to get it all done are just a few of the roadblocks travelers face. Now, though, there’s TourDeFit.com, a new fitness and wellness reservation system created to help keep you at your best physically — wherever you are. Users can search for classes, wellness services, gyms, spas or sporting events (like races) in hundreds of cities worldwide, then book and pay for them online or through their smartphones. From kickboxing to kids’ surfing lessons, massages to last-minute waxings, and fitness walks to hard-core triathlons, TourDeFit can help you find what you’re looking for. “TourDeFit.com promotes a ‘no excuses’ mindset by offering users unlimited choices and content, instead of applying a ‘one size fits all’ approach to fitness and wellness,” says Maria Mazursky, the company’s CEO. Even better: It’s free to users.