What do you never leave home without when you travel?
My computer and my music equipment. I have a guitar. I have a couple of keyboards and some speakers and my laptop and some recording equipment. I make music on most locations. I travel constantly, which is really a blessing, and how I get to explore the world. The luxury of that is you're not coming for vacation, so the prerequisite of having a good time just doesn't exist. You get a chance to explore at a more leisurely pace and live with the local people and learn, find out where to go but not as a tourist, you know what i mean?
Do you have any travel secrets?
Pack light is the best suggestion i have. In New Zealand, everything is pretty low-key, so i've been enjoying the fact that I don't have to dress up very often. I rarely travel without a suit, but I haven't needed it very much.

He said...
Adrien Brody's favorite New Zealand locations

» Rose Cottage, moderate, 011-64-4-475-7700
» Chocolate Fish Cafe, inexpensive, 011-64-4-388-2808
» Chow, moderate, 011-64-4-382-8585
» The French Bistro, expensive, 011-64-6-306-8863
» Logan Brown Restaurant & Bar, expensive, 011-64-4-801-5114
» Matterhorn, expensive, 011-64-4-384-3359
» The White House Restaurant, expensive, 011-64-4-385-8555
» Schoc Chocolates, 011-64-6-304-8960
» Sheepskin Warehouse, 011-64-4-386-3376
» Gunn Estate Winery, 011-64-6-879-8760
» The Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa, 011-64-4-381-7000
» Wellington Zoo, 011-64-4-381-6755