Abhor working out when you travel? Then you need a gadget! Throw these in your suitcase -- and take your exercise regimen on the road. (You’ll have so much fun, you won’t even notice the burn.) By Becca Hensley

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Lift Get a grip with Olympic team-tested GymSkins, a featherlight replacement for bulky (and smelly) weight-lifting gloves. Working like an extra epidermal layer, the streamlined design ensures hygiene, comfort, and performance as it helps you concentrate more on lifting and less on gripping. It also reduces hand fatigue and gets you through those extra reps. $12.

Walk Track your distance without the embarrassment of dangling a dorky contraption from your belt. Just slip the sleek, credit-card-size ThinQ pedometer into your pocket and let it worry about how far you ramble -- and how many calories you burn in the process. $30.

Run You won’t have to leave your BlackBerry at home when you run with the SPI (small personal item) belt. Expandable, attractive, and designed so that it won’t bounce or shift as you jog along, this runner’s friend is big enough for your iPod, passport, hotel keys, medication, and more. $20.

Jump Jumping rope with a rope is just, well, so passé. Hop, skip, and jump with JumpSnap, the world’s first ropeless “jump rope.” An intense calorie burner, this product consists of two weighted handles fitted with an electronic chip and an LCD screen. Made for every ability level, the device makes an audible snap that keeps you in tempo. $60.

Listen Do you like to rock when you roll? Clip some tunes on those handlebars and hit the streets to some beats. New Cy-Fi wireless bike speakers are iPod-compatible, weigh only three ounces, and are the size of a deck of cards. The surround-sound effect means you don’t need headphones, which makes for a safer ride. $150.


Demand Fitness This virtual gym offers more than 250 fitness and health classes over the Internet. Just download them to your desktop. $5 a week.

Pump One A new exercise-video site designed especially for Apple’s iPhone and iPod (but it also works with other mobile phones). Download 10-minute video workouts, fitness tips, and training. From $20.

Trimble Outdoors A Black-Berry-specific GPS system that makes on-the-go fitness possible. Locate running trails and workout areas, manage your performance, measure distance, and more. $6 per month.