6. Ford is part of a lyric in the Barenaked Ladies song “One Week,” which he says he didn’t know. But he admits to being in a Jimmy Buffett song — “Desperation Samba (Halloween in Tijuana)” — although his only role was to crack a whip. Playing Indiana Jones obviously came in handy.

“He’s a buddy, he asked me, I did it,” Ford says of Buffett.

7. There is one song that irritates Ford: “The Hanukkah Song” by Adam Sandler. It is supposed to be a humorous song about famous Jewish people and it includes the lyric: “We got Ann Landers and her sister Dear Abby, Harrison Ford’s a quarter Jewish — not too shabby!” For the only time during the interview, Ford is clearly upset.

“All I know is I’m being misrepresented as being a quarter Jewish by Adam Sandler, who I still feel should revise his song,” says Ford, who was born to an Irish father and Jewish mother, “because by Talmudic law, I’m Jewish. My mother was Jewish. That’s all you need under Talmudic law.”

8. One of the great bits of trivia associated with Ford is that he once worked for the Doors, the 1960s rock group led by the wild and impulsive lead singer Jim Morrison. But some of the information is a little off.

“I wasn’t a roadie,” says Ford, who had taught himself carpentry as a backup plan in case his acting career didn’t work out. “I was a pickup extra hand for a friend of mine who was doing a documentary on the Doors and I went on the shoot. I shot a little second camera and helped with the gear and whatever had to be done.

“I already knew Morrison and his wife because I had done some work for his wife — carpentry work on a shop she was opening in Los Angeles. I also worked for Paul Rothchild who was the producer of the Doors. So I had been around those guys for a while and knew Jim.”

Morrison had a reputation as one of the outlandish free spirits in rock history, which Ford confirmed in mid-sentence. The question: “So was Morrison …” “Yeah,” Ford says, interrupting. “Whatever you were going to say, yeah. At least that.”

Morrison died in 1971 at age 27, but Ford remains a fan. “Listen to the music,” Ford says. “It’s just fantastic. Fantastic.”

9. Little-known fact: Ford went to Main East High School in Park Ridge, Ill., which is the same high school attended by Hillary Rodham Clinton. Ford was four years ahead of Clinton.

“She’s a younger woman,” the 70-year-old Ford says, smiling.

10. Ford spends much of his spare time flying his planes, two of which have open cockpits. He has been quoted as saying he sometimes gets in a plane and flies up the California coast just to get a cheeseburger. Must be the greatest burger ever.

“It’s not the cheeseburger; it’s the getting there,” he says. “There are a bunch of guys from the airport [in Santa Monica] and we try and go up to Camarillo every Friday for lunch. There a bunch of guys, bunch of different airplanes but guys that I really don’t have anything in common with except we’re pilots.”

11. Although he says he is not into sports, Ford has allowed himself to be somewhat converted by his 11-year-old son.

“He loves sports,” Ford says. “He’s dragged me into sport. I was never much of a sports fan.” Ford even agreed to help with his son’s flag football team, but he encountered problems.

“I don’t know the rules,” he says. “I helped out as a coach on one of his teams. An assistant coach they called me. I tried to help, but I still don’t know all the rules.”

12. Over the years, Ford has struggled with fame. He’s proud and grateful for a fantastic career, but he’s troubled by being approached everywhere he goes in public.

“It’s not the context in which you want to operate on a day-to-day, 24-hour basis,” he says. “You want to be with your family doing whatever you’re doing, and you don’t want to be reminded that everybody is aware, that people are paying more attention than is worthy at any given time.
“I don’t want to be famous all the time.”

He is, however, able to joke about it,admitting there are advantages to celebrity. “Maybe when I want a dentist appointment or forgot to make a reservation at a restaurant,” he says, smiling. “Then it’s O.K.”