We’re getting spoiled by the endless parade of new PERSONAL DIGITAL ASSISTANTS that are great-looking and deliver the goods, too. Here are three recent models we had to have.
T-Mobile Sidekick, $300 plus monthly service fees

Assets: Count ’em: phone, camera, Web browser, instant messenger, Game Boy, and all standard PDA functions.

Liabilities: Phone quality isn’t the best; lacks a speakerphone.

Bottom Line: This is the absolute, final last word in multi-convergence — for at least a month or so.

More info:www.t-mobile.com
Sony Cli PEG-TG50, about $350

Assets: Backlit screen, built-in keyboard, and it doubles as a remote control for the TV, DVD player, and more.

Liabilities: Some functions require a Bluetooth phone.

Bottom Line: Unlike earlier Clis (around $800), this one doesn’t require a second mortgage.

More info:www.sonystyle.com
Palm Tungsten C, $500

Assets: Muscular new 64MB Palm boasts mucho power, sharp screen resolution, and Wi-Fi capability.

Liabilities: Mono audio port and speaker reduce MP3 music quality.

Bottom Line: An attractive, highly functional, yet lightweight unit.

More info:www.palm.com