With all those smart, sleek cell phones out there today, we’re all a bit green with phone envy. Walking through an airport, we cast a quick, sidelong glance at that elegant new unit cradled by some lucky user. Here are three new mobiles that will put you

Samsung SPH-N400, not yet priced
PROS: So many in this gorgeous 4-ounce, 3G unit, starting with the vibrant 65,000-color screen. Everything — menus, Web access, the works — is in color.
CONS: The navigation wheel takes some getting used to. And you may get distracted by the floating tropical fish on the welcome screen.
BOTTOM LINE: The color king has come. And with the n400’s “airplane mode,” you can access phone books and games when the phone’s power is off.
MORE INFO:www.samsungelectronics.com/mobile_ phone/index.asp
Siemens S46, $199
PROS: From its handsome carrying case to its well-lit screen, this dual-band phone (GSM, TDMA) with wireless data access is just the ticket for the transcontinental roamer.
CONS: A bit bulkier than previous Siemens units, and the software is Windows only.
BOTTOM LINE: Stylish, full-featured, nice price. What’s not to like?
MORE INFO:www.icm.siemens.com
Motorola V70, $400
PROS: With its innovative 360-degree rotating keypad cover, this phone scores high on the gee-whiz scale. The customizable keys allow users wide latitude in configuring the phone.
CONS: Pricey. NFL linemen beware: Large-fingered types may find the keyboard a tad tiny.
BOTTOM LINE: No wonder Motorola gave a V70 to all the 2002 Academy Award nominees. It’s one of this year’s showy new stars.
MORE INFO:www.motorola.com; click on “Shop”