On the Road With Wayne Brady

What do you never leave home without when you travel? "I never leave without my video games."

Why? "It's my hobby. Some people enjoy shooting deer that can't run away. I just happen to enjoy video games. It's my way of letting go. By nature, I'm a very private person and very quiet, so it's the one time when I can actually sit by myself and not be distracted by everything else and just focus."

Do you have any travel strategies? "Always arrive early. Check in early so that you don't have to put up with the security line. And bring a book with you. Because you're going to get caught. Getting there late does you no good. You'll get caught in the security line and you'll miss your flight. Get there two hours ahead of time, bring a book, bring your PC, bring some letters that you need to write. Just go to the lounge. Find out in whichever city you're in how much it costs for a day's membership to the particular lounge, even if you're not flying in first class. It may be $30, but for $30 for two hours you can be comfortable while you wait for your flight."

Where Wayne Brady goes and what he does in Orlando.

The Ale House
sports bar, moderate,
(407) 240-4080

Cuban/American, expensive,
(407) 828-0999

Jungle Jim's
family dining, moderate,
(407) 827-1257

Krispy Kreme
doughnuts, inexpensive,
(407) 273-5550

Steak-N-Shake burgers, inexpensive,
(407) 240-7702

BET Soundstage Club
(407) 934-7666

Rock 'n' Roll Beach Club