"I don't think as a child I went, 'Oh, I'm in the magical land.' But I think you understand that you live in a place where you can say, 'You don't have a Disneyland by you? Oh. Well I do. I can drive 20 minutes and go to Disney World.' So that, I think, is the cool thing. But you don't appreciate that until you're a little older. I personally still love to go to Disney to watch the shows. I've always loved watching the live entertainment because it was all so inspirational to me. Aside from Disney World and Universal, Orlando is also home to a lot of dinner theaters. There's a dinner attraction called Pirate's Dinner Adventure. There are also a couple of murder mystery homes there. There's a lot going on. You just have to know where to look. If you go to International Drive - the locals call it I-Drive - you'll see everything. Restaurants, little shops. They have Wet 'n Wild, SeaWorld, a place where you can parachute without parachuting. A jet engine blows you up and spins you around and you feel like you're parachuting. Bottom line, I think what Orlando has to offer is good family entertainment."

Give us one funny or interesting thing that happened to you in Orlando.
"It was my very first day on the job at Disney World. I've always been a very enthusiastic performer. So on my first day they put me in costume as Tigger, and I'm riding a float. I forget which birthday Mickey was celebrating, but my float's going down the street and music's playing in my ear. [He sings.] 'America loves you Mickey Mouse!' It's blaring, and I'm in this Tigger costume, and I say to myself, I'm going to be the best Tigger they've ever seen. And I'm dancing. I just go all out. I'm break dancing on the float and I jump off the float and run around. It's Orlando. It is 90,000 degrees in the shade. It's so hot and humid at this particular point that I pass out right on Main Street. Before I really even got going, I passed out. So Tigger is lying on this float just passed out. So to any kid who saw: I apologize for all the therapy bills."