Do you have a favorite theme-park restaurant?
"Gloria Estefan's restaurant, Bongo's, is incredible. It's Cuban food, with a live band and an atmosphere that makes you feel like you're in Cuba or Miami. I recommend the chicken and the plantains."

That's in Disney?
"You've got to stop thinking 'in Disney.' The whole thing is Disney. All of Lake Buena Vista, that's all Disney. So in Downtown Disney, which is the adult nightclub area I talked about, that's where Bongo's is. I'd also recommend DisneyQuest. It has three levels of video games, simulations, things for the kids, interactive attractions. It's absolutely amazing. Cutting-edge technology. That's one place I make sure I go to every time I go to Orlando."

Okay, getting away from Disney for a moment, what surprises people about Orlando? "I think people think it's a smaller city than it is. But all of this talent in the past few years - from 'NSync to Backstreet Boys to myself to other actors - has come out of Orlando. It's always been a very artistic city, especially downtown Orlando. It's got a wonderful arts movement. A ton of small theaters and very artistic cliques. So I think what people need to recognize is that it's not a burg, it's just not a little city that exists because of Disney. It's a city that's strong and stands on its own."

What surprises you about Orlando? "
Things are being built every other day. I could go there on a Tuesday and do a [TV] special, come back two weeks later, and there's a full-blown building and attraction done. It's amazing."

What are some of your favorite hangouts?