"When you live in Orlando, it becomes a family tradition. My grandfather and grandmother used to take me there a lot as a kid, and then I worked there from the ages of 15 to 17. Since then, I've been very lucky with my affiliation, Whose Line, starting in '98, and later with my show [his former nighttime variety series], which was through Touchstone, and then with this show [his daytime talk show], which is through Buena Vista. I've kind of never left the sphere of the Disney Company."

What are your favorite parts of the Kingdom? "
I like going to the Test Track at Epcot. It gets up to 66 miles an hour, which doesn't sound like a lot because we all drive over 66. But it's a convertible, so the wind is whipping through your hair and hitting you in the face. It feels really fast. So I enjoy that, because I'm not a big roller coaster person."

Where do you go when you first get back home?
"I go to my mom's house. I don't go back to Orlando all the time to party. I really go back to work, and I go back to visit my mom occasionally. We end up going to Downtown Disney to the Planet Hollywood there. And we walk around Pleasure Island, which is pretty much the touristy thing to do and something I used to do as a kid. On a Saturday night, you would just pile in a car and drive up to Pleasure Island."

What's Pleasure Island? "
It's part of Disney. It's in the adult nightclub-ish area called Downtown Disney. Downtown Disney is a collection of shops and restaurants, a big movie theater, a huge Virgin Megastore, and this thing called DisneyQuest. Pleasure Island is an assortment of nightclubs and eateries and dance clubs there, and that's where I used to go when I lived there as a kid. We would go there to dance, because they would let you in if you were under 21. Now there's the Rock 'n' Roll Beach Club, the BET Soundstage Club. There's an improv club there called the Comedy Warehouse. You can pop from one thing to the next, and the next thing you know, your night's finished."