WHAT THE WORLD NEEDS NOW . . . Is a little more shopping. Here are three new European hot spots.

WHAT: Warisan, the fine purveyor of Indonesian furniture, antiques, and crafts
WHY: Because this is Warisan's first store on European soil. See why Irish eyes are really smiling. 011-353-1-677-9947, www.warisan.com

WHAT: Shopping tours to 50 locations in the barrios of the great old city. $24 per eight-hour tour, lunch included
WHY:OK, you try walking to all those spots on your own. 011-34-91-316-0657, www.madridshoppingtour.com

WHAT: Lavinia, the largest wine and spirits shop in all of Europe
WHY: Because you love wine and spirits. 011-33-1-42-97-2020