Poor us. As recently as late January, we were forced to make do at sporting events with only a single reliable video feed — that of the jumbotron — for all our replay and kiss-cam needs. Happily, thanks to the folks at Cisco Systems, this wrong has been righted courtesy of the company’s in-venue mobile video-delivery system STADIUMVISION MOBILE (SVM).

Luddite snark notwithstanding, SVM could prove a transformative technology for event attendees. Having equipped nearly 150 venues around the globe with its solutions, which include high-density Wi-Fi, Cisco devised the service to take advantage of its enhanced quality and capacity of data flow. The resulting SVM app lets smartphone and tablet users stream three different hi-definition video feeds coming from anywhere in the building. The feeds can deliver anything the venue and/or team chooses: handheld sideline footage or bird’s-eye views from the rafters — you name it.

As awesomely indulgent as this sounds — and as much as it’s sure to provoke “Why do you need to watch the game on your phone? It’s right there in front of you!” kvetching from purists — SVM gives sports fans what they’re used to getting at home: the option to customize a multiscreen environment. “It’s not delivering an experience for the sake of delivering an experience,” says David Holland, senior vice president and general manager of Cisco’s Sports & Entertainment group. “It’s delivering something new. It’s about creating intimacy.”

As of early April, SVM was in use at a single building (Brooklyn’s Barclays Center, home of the NBA’s Nets), with Real Madrid’s Estadio Santiago Bernabéu on deck. And Holland promises that “hundreds” of stadiums and arenas will follow in short order.