LEFT TO RIGHT: Colin Donnell, Sutton Foster and Joshua Henry of the Broadway musical Violet
Jeremy Daniel

Broadway powerhouse SUTTON FOSTER proves she belongs ­on-screen as well as onstage.

Gabrielle Revere/Contour by Getty Images
While most of the Broadway community knows Sutton Foster as a two-time Tony Award-winning actress and the star of such shows as Thoroughly Modern Millie, Little Women, Shrek the Musical and Anything Goes, Foster has also gained her fair share of TV fans from her stint as one of the leading ladies of ABC Family’s Bunheads, which aired from 2012 to 2013. “Amy Sherman-Palladino wrote Bunheads, and she also wrote Gilmore Girls, which is one of my favorite shows of all time,” Foster says. “So I felt like it was the right fit and the right time.” Since then, she hasn’t looked back. Foster shot a Darren Star pilot called Younger alongside Hilary Duff earlier this year — a show that could be a part of TV Land’s lineup this fall.

But before another foray into television, this month she’s back on the Great White Way, starring in the critically acclaimed show Violet, with its first run on Broadway. “Growing up, I loved the [Violet] cast album,” Foster says. “And I did Thoroughly Modern Millie in 2002, and Jeanine Tesori wrote [the music for] that, and she also wrote [the music for] Shrek the Musical, which I did in 2009. Her first musical was Violet. I think we were meant to find each other, and I would follow her anywhere.”

As for whether she’ll ever choose just one acting medium again, Foster says, “I hope to be able to bounce back and forth my whole career. They both teach me so much, and I hope they are making me a better actress and performer.”