"Of course, there's Whistler, the best ski resort in the world. There are resorts all over British Columbia and on Vancouver Island as well. Mount Washington is terrific, but there really is something about Whistler. I'm sort of a ballroom skier at this point. I ski a couple of runs and then stop and take a breath and look around and take some pictures and then go down and have a nice hot cider by the fire. Whistler is like skiing on a European level, in the sense of the hotel accommodations, but it's still kind of mom-and-pop. The village of Whistler is lovely and very social. You can stay at The Fairmont Chateau Whistler or The Westin Resort & Spa. There are little shops up there, and it's not that far down into the city of Vancouver."

"Roots is great. I love their leather goods and their sweatshirts and their letter jackets. I'm also a big fan of Hudson's Bay Company, one of the first mercantile merchants in Canada. 'The Bay' has a terrific assortment of Canadian designers and, again, rugged wear that I think anybody would enjoy. They have a great MAC cosmetics counter, almost a whole floor. Then there's Holt Renfrew, sort of like the Saks of Canada."

"Liliget Feast House is a trip. It is the only restaurant with native First Nations food in the longhouse tradition. A longhouse is where the First Nations had their tribal meetings. You go down these stairs and sit on long benches. They have recorded music of local tribes singing while you're eating, so it's really a sensory/audio experience. Their salmon and seaweed vegetable dishes are like nothing I've had anywhere else in the world. The waiters and the cooks are all First Nations. The Teahouse Restaurant in Stanley Park is beautiful, situated right on the edge of the park. You have a view of the mountains and the water. It's got a very colonial feeling, but relaxed."