"For the past 15 years in Vancouver, they've been turning these big old houses into clubs or restaurants. That's what they've done with Lucy Mae Brown, which was a boarding house for women at the turn of the century. They serve seafood now, and I love the atmosphere. I'm not into cold lighting and cubicles; I like lovely china and tablecloths and a real ambiance. Tojo's is a Japanese restaurant that some Vancouverites consider the best Japanese in North America. Tojo Hidekazu, the chef, is really well-known and is there almost every night at the sushi bar. You just put yourself in Tojo's hands. I like dining adventures like that."

"If I've had a nice long dinner and I want to burn some calories, I'd go dancing at Voda, which is like a top-40 nightclub. You're going to work up a sweat there. You go there to see and be seen. There's a lounge called Ginger Sixty Two. It's laid-back, informal, and intimate. Ginger Sixty Two is more about couples. Au Bar is a place you go after hours. It has a DJ and is open until 2."


"Sophie's Cosmic Café is very eclectic. A lot of artistic types hang out there. The Elbow Room is a strange phenomenon. Their specialty is pancakes, and it's the most 'New York' breakfast hangout in Canada. You get a lot of attitude there. You have to get your own coffee and nobody does you any favors, but the food is really good. The pancakes are fabulous. Big and fluffy. Comfort food."