On the road with Jennifer Garner

What do you never leave home without when you travel?
I feel like i never leave home without Michael [her hairdresser]. We've been together four years, beginning with the pilot of Alias. And we've done three movies together. I also always take my fancy coffee maker, because i'm up before the coffee shops open, and coffee is very important to me. Getting this coffee maker was like buying a small car. it's the jura capresso, a little Williams-Sonoma slice of heaven.

What's normally in your carry-on bag?
Lip balm and a good book.

She said...
Jennifer Garner's most valued Vancouver attractions

The Opus Hotel
, expensive, (604) 642-6787

The Sutton Place, expensive, (604) 682-5511

athletica, (604) 681-3118

Lush, (604) 687-5874

Roots, (604) 683-4305

Fujiya Japanese food, inexpensive, (604) 251-3711

Glowbal Grill & Satay Bar, moderate, (604) 602-0835

Gotham Steakhouse & Cocktail Bar, expensive, (604) 605-8282

Kits Coffee Company, inexpensive, (604) 739-0139

The Living Room Bistro, moderate, (604) 737-7529

Lumière restaurant, very expensive, (604) 739-8185

Sandbar Seafood restaurant, expensive, (604) 669-9030

Sophie's Cosmic Café, inexpensive, (604) 732-6810

Tangerine, moderate, (604) 739-4677

Tojo's restaurant, expensive, (604) 872-8050

Bar None, (604) 689-7000

Vancouver Aquarium Marine Science Centre,
(604) 659-3474

Evelinecharles Salons & Spas
, (604) 678-5666

Studeo 55, (604) 684-0544

We said...
Our most valued Vancouver attractions

Barclay House in the West End
, moderate, (604) 605-1351.
This Midtown Victorian B&B pampers guests with a daily delivery of fresh-baked cookies and organic tea and coffee.

Rosedale on Robson Suite Hotel, moderate, (800) 661-8870.
The location? Near historic Yaletown. The bonus? Rosedale's two-bedroom suites come with bunk beds and coloring books for the kiddos, who also have access to a toy chest in the lobby and a mini-playground on the second-floor terrace.

Liliget Feast House & Catering
, moderate, (604) 681-7044.
The proprietor of this native american "feast house," who hails from b.c.'s Gitksan Territory, dishes out authentic tribal delights such as alder-grilled wild salmon and toasted seaweed on steamed rice.

Prospect Point Café, inexpensive, (866) 857-6468.
Shame on you if you don't take time for a picnic by the sea wall. especially when prospect point, with scenic views of its own, will pack you a lunch with everything from fresh fruit to garlic prawns.

Granville Island Public Market
, (604) 666-5784.
Be it the oceanside locale, plentiful produce and other goodies, or entertaining street performers, this massive market channels Seattle's Pike Place at every turn.

Aquabus Ferry
, (604) 689-5858.
These colorful boats ferry you to Granville Island and Yaletown, as well as on oceanic mini-tours. Not bad for as little as $2.50 a person.

Vancouver Theatresports League
, (604) 738-7013.
This world-renowned improv group puts a spin on any number of subjects, often based on audience suggestions.