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If the word on the street gets confusing when you're traveling around the United States, it's time to put the hosts of A Way with Words on the case. - Jenna Schnuer

THE CALLS START COMING IN when things are sigogglin, the cackleberries are cracked, and the milk's gone blinky. That's when Martha Barnette and Grant Barrett go to work. No, they're not refrigerator repairmen. They're the hosts of A Way with Words (, a public-radio show during which Barnette and Barrett turn words upside down and inside out in trying to figure out from whence they came, what they mean, and how best to use them. "It's Car Talk for language. People call us about their questions and peeves and just observations about language - things they've always wanted to know or things they heard on television last night - and we help them get to the bottom of it," says Barrett.