Progressive Insurance’s TV ads may hook customers with the price of covering an auto, but the company’s real strength — and the thing that keeps customers — is its innovative service.

First, the company smashed the stereotype of the unresponsive, uncaring claims adjustor by launching a small mobile force of adjustors who actually show up at the scene of an accident. Today, some 11,000 reps across the United States stand ready to meet Progressive customers by their bent fenders.

Now, Progressive is going one step — or perhaps three or four steps — further by setting up one-stop-shopping claims service centers where policy holders simply drop off their damaged automobiles, pick up rental cars, and go home. Progressive takes care of “the rest.” That is, getting three estimates for repairs, choosing the best one, taking the car to the garage for service, picking it up, and paying the claim. Accidents were never this easy, right?

The first of these new centers opened in Columbus, Ohio, in April, and 19 more are scheduled to launch before year’s end. “We look at this as part of the Progressive history of finding out what the customer wants and filling that need,” says Progressive spokesman Todd Morgano. “We’re the experts, so it makes sense that you bring us the [damaged] car, and that’s the end of your involvement.”