Nothing dramatic changed my ways. I just realized I wasn't the good-natured guy I used to be. So I worked on developing patience. It didn't happen overnight, and it wasn't always easy, but the more patient I became, the more I found myself enjoying life again.

I arrived at airports earlier so I wasn't so rushed. I joined in conversations with my fellow travelers. I greeted the flight attendants with sincere smiles. If someone looked lost, I'd offer directions. I became human again, and I was rewarded with return smiles, anecdotes I could share, and an all-around good feeling about myself and life in general.

If you're not patient when traveling, you're going to miss out on life."
Mark Sivertsen, Colorado Springs, Colorado
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"Learning to enjoy my own company on the road has actually helped me enjoy my own company when I'm at home, too. Traveling is truly the cure for co-dependency."
Dan Maddux, San Antonio, Texas

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"When on the road, I have the opportunity to see different outlooks, perspectives, and traditions in the places I visit. It's in this exchange of experiences, examples, and ideas that we can really grow. I know that I have grown as a result of my time on the road."
Anthony Yen, Austin, Texas

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"What's my favorite thing about being on the road? Education and self-improvement. I receive a better education being on the road than in a classroom. I've made leaps and bounds in my personal growth that no self-help book could match."
Michael Miazga, Chicago, Illinois

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"The glories of this lovely planet are unstoppable. Its gorges and mountains, forests and beaches. And not one of them touches the glory of this planet's people.