John More, San Ramon, Californina
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"I cannot imagine a 9-to-5 lifestyle. I view that life as dull, routine, and terribly boring. I appreciate the grand perspective travel gives me on life outside my world."
Leilani Latemer, San Francisco, Californina

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"From seven miles up, there are no fences, no neighborhoods, no cities, no counties, no states, no countries. Just land and water - nature's boundaries. In these times, I think we all need to look beyond our borders and understand that we are all part of a bigger family. We have to come together as citizens of planet Earth and think beyond the political boundaries man has created."
W. Graeme Roustan, Miramar, Florida

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"Being a Road Warrior builds tremendous flex-
ibility and adaptability. I can be productive in the unlikeliest of places - seat 16B was where I created my latest customer presentation. And this adaptability extends to times when I'm not traveling."
Dianah M. Schimidt, San Diego, California

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"Being a Road Warrior has taught me to be creative, to think outside the box. Some people in my life think I come by that ability naturally - not true; I learned it on the road.

By experiencing the variety of problems that are a part of dealing with people of various cultures and backgrounds, I have learned to spot potential solutions in many different ways. If I worked in the same office each day, I don't think my perspective would be
as broad."
John W. Fischbach, Dallas, Texas

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"When I first started traveling, I didn't have the patience I do now. I began to feel more hurried and harried. My voice grew louder, and when I was home for dinner, I chewed so quickly my plate would be clean before my wife even sat down.