Our Road Warrior finalists say travel has expanded their horizons and deepened their understanding. Here, they share their thoughts on globetrotting's personal side effects.

Finalists or philosophers? Our top-shelf entrants must think carefully at 26,000 feet, because they had plenty to say about the traveling lifestyle. To hear them tell it, business travel is much more than client dinners and dealmaking. It's an explorers' expedition, an exercise in personal growth, a creativity lesson, even an inspiration for world peace.
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"To stop and think about the travel opportunities that exist at this time in history is awe-inspiring. Even today, and after more than a million miles in the air, on a transcon flight I will take a window seat, run classical music in my CD headphones, and watch as this incredible country goes by below."
Rick Lesser, Redondo Beach, California

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"Far and away, the most rewarding thing about being on the road is being able to create and maintain friendships with people from all over the world. The Road Warrior lifestyle has allowed me to strengthen my relationships with friends, family, and co-workers in other states and countries by actually being able to visit them in person, as opposed to sending an email or making a phone call. … My experience on the road has been tremendously rewarding and has been the catalyst to forming many life-long friendships."
Brandon Sanchez, Dallas, Texas

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"If today's Road Warriors think about it, they will realize they still live in the age of discovery. They aren't discovering the height of the Andes or the temperature of the Amazon, but how their particular enterprises can do business in environments where the political, economic, social, and legal environments are uniquely different. I will take that type of discovery over endless sightseeing any day."