Primary Airport: Indianapolis International Airport
94,983 miles

Royce Smith is game to travel. Anytime, anywhere, at any provocation, he'll take the opportunity to hit the road in search of artists and their work. He's found some treasures, but what he values most are his firsthand experiences with other people and places, because they've broadened his thinking - not only about life, but about art as well. This artist's eye on the globe makes Smith a unique Road Warrior.

"Home is much more than a place: It's a state of being and living. Every would-be Road Warrior should learn that any destination can be one's home."

New reason for packing light: Room for new clothing, souvenirs, and art. "I had looked for ages for a particular engraving by Francisco de Goya y Lucientes, and finally found it in Madrid, neatly displayed within a hand-carved, gilded frame."

Reach out and touch the world: "It has become far too easy for people to turn on the television and reduce an entire country, an entire community, even an entire continent to a three-minute news flash," Smith observes. "Traveling to those distant places that some view only on television screens shows a Road Warrior how much life, vitality, hope, and energy we have in our world."

Most unusual on-the-road snack: Balut, a Filipino delicacy (the fertilized egg of a native duck, with a partially developed duckling, served boiled), consumed in a Manila street before a cheering crowd of locals who thought they'd never see a foreigner eat it.

Creative travel: "Whenever I am on the road I may encounter the inspiration for a new art exhibition, that spark that's the most important thing in compiling artworks and showing them to the public."

Road Warrior credo: "Only travel gives me the lens to see things that slip past unnoticed by TV documentaries and guidebooks."