Primary Airport: John Wayne Airport, Orange County
135,246 miles

It didn't take long for the judges to understand this: Raj Joshi knows business travel. Only the most clear-headed of thinkers could slice and dice travel the way Joshi does. But it's not just logistics that he understands; he's also learned how to factor pleasure into the travel equation. It's a simple matter, says he, of adding a positive attitude. For that we felt he deserved reward.

"My most favorite thing about being on the road is experiencing the vast, rich, and unique beauty of Planet Earth and the diversity, kindness, and energy of humankind."

Second time's the charm: Joshi also was a finalist in the 2001 American Way Road Warrior Search.

The Road Warrior as environmentalist: "I feel I am part of the travel ecosystem and that the other parts of the ecosystem and I are interdependent," Joshi says. "I recognize what this ecosystem does for me and I try my utmost to work with the other parts of it ... now more so than ever, we need to work together to prosper."

On-the-road hobby: Comparing and contrasting Indian restaurants all over the world.

Favorite sights from aircraft windows: Texas thunderstorms, westbound sunsets, Mount Rainier, and July Fourth fireworks.

Travel best practices: Every Road Warrior should standardize his travel parameters based on what is important to him, his business.

Joshi's preferred parameters: Upgraded aisle seat to facilitate work on the plane; flying one airline to earn preferred status and upgrades; and Westin Hotels with the Heavenly Bed.

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Student and Freelance Art Curator, Indianapolis
Presently Curator and Lecturer
University of the Sunshine Coast