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Primarily an international traveler, Mark Edwin Jenkins doesn't dip his toe into other cultures as he travels - he jumps in with both feet. His philosophy? Soak up the local culture to not only enrich yourself, but also to share with the folks back home.
We were impressed by this generosity of spirit. Jenkins isn't just an accomplished Road Warrior; he's an ambassador to the globe.

"I'm not at all at war with the road. I've made peace with iT and I enjoy my time away from home to the fullest."

Share and share alike: "Don't be shy to leave some of your dollars in an economy not your own or in the hands of someone panhandling on the street," Jenkins advises. "Leave a smile and some coins, or fill up the UNICEF envelope in the airplane with some foreign currency."

Road Warrior extra credit: "I've watched men and women play volleyball with their feet on the beaches of Rio and Chinese soldiers play basketball in the Forbidden City, traipsed the haunted and hallowed grounds of Auschwitz and Yad Vashem, drunk from the fountain of happiness in a Kyoto temple and eaten reindeer jerky in Helsinki, all while traveling for business."

Leftover foreign money goes: Into a large glass jar his kids are filling with Chilean pesos, Brazilian reais, Portuguese escudos, Polish zlotys, Japanese yen, Chinese
yuans, and more.

My business-travel legacy: "I am more open-minded and optimistic about the world at large because of my world traveling," Jenkins says. "I hope to pass this outlook on to my kids - and others I come into contact with - whether they travel as much as I do or not."


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