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Vice President-Quality
Bell Helicopter Textron, Fort Worth
Married with two children, 4 and 6
Primary Airport: DFW International Airport
56,629 miles

Longtime traveler and mother of two, Lee Anne Tait could be any career woman's role model. Not only did her entry glow with optimism, it brimmed full of travel wisdom. Travel, Tait says, has made her a better manager and a better person. And all along the way, she manages to stay close to her family even when she's on the other side of the globe. Proof positive that she would wear her Road Warrior laurels well.

"If you travel and want it to be an enjoyable experience, you have to explore the places and people you encounter on your journeys, finding things to bring you back with anticipation."

Have a nice day: Attitude is important in most areas of life, but especially when you travel, because much of travel involves interacting with people. A nice remark, compliment, or smile can make the difference.

Geography 101: Before every trip, show small children where on the globe you are traveling and tell them a little bit about the country. "A pretty painless way to teach a little geography!" Tait says.

On-the-road management training: "Having to travel frequently has made me more open to differences in people, in how they work, live, play," she notes. "It's made me a better manager."

The Road Warrior Worldview: "Travel helps me
develop perspective. It lets me calibrate my own beliefs
and value systems against others and helps me take
a more balanced view of big and little issues. It's given me time to grow as a person."


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Laguarda Low Architects, Dallas
Father of two, 9 and 12