The Parisian who stops to walk with a lost soul. The New Yorker who writes down directions. The anonymous grandmother, the precocious child, and the holy terror. The student, the executive, the reveler, and the bookworm. All with a story. All with a life different from mine.

Travel is — if you let it — a million lifetimes of experiences compressed into one oh-so-brief time span.”
Nancy Campbell, Kansas City, Missouri

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“One client has a slogan that expresses what I see every day I travel: Never forget your dreams. I encounter people at all levels of society who have dreams and are actively working to make them come true. Seeing people with the vision and determination to achieve their goals is a satisfying part of travel and motivates me to give my best to my clients.”
James M. Dodson, Davenport, Iowa

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“The best thing about being on the road is being out in the world, not knowing what’s around the corner, not knowing what turn of events may change the course of my life. It’s the knowledge that there will always be something out there to challenge me, test me, and in the end, to perhaps help me discover something new about myself or mankind or the world.”
Archie Tew, Santa Fe, New Mexico

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“When traveling, I have made it a point to take in as much of the sights, sounds, history, and culture as time permits, and this allows me to either directly or indirectly expose my family to these same experiences and lessons about people and places around the globe. I firmly believe that having traveled throughout my career has enhanced not only my life, but the lives of my family, well beyond anything I could have ever envisioned.”
Ron Gerson, Chesterfield, Missouri