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Normally, when you think about packing up all your scuba gear to take with you on vacation, you inevitably think, Do I really want to mess with all this? Maybe I should just rent.

And who could blame you? Packing all that stuff (fins, mask, wet suit, snorkel, BC vest, regulator) on top of everything else is cumbersome and can be time-consuming, to boot. Especially if you’re a jet-set scuba diver who travels all over the place on a quest to conquer the deep blue sea. Or pillage shipwrecks. Or whatever. Luckily, Jacques Cousteau was on your side, and the company he founded, Aqua Lung, has just debuted a new (and first of its kind) line of TSA-?approved travel scuba gear that’s lightweight, compact and, best of all, packs up in a single customized carry-on bag. Add a few tanks of air once you reach your dive site, and you’re set. $100 to $600 for individual pieces; $1,338 or $1,438 for a six-piece Travel Light set (weighs 17.63 pounds in all). www.aqualung.com