10. Checks his luggage. (If you can't cram two weeks of clothing in a carry-on, you are not trying!)

9. Looks around when disembarking. (A pro knows where the exits are!)

8. Stays awake the whole flight. (Pros find engine noise so soothing that it's impossible to resist taking a nap.)

7. Lips don't move along with the flight attendants' when they make the preboarding announcements.

6. Forgets to remove shoes at security.

5. Doesn't spring for the GPS system in his rental car.

4. Leaves at least one item of his standard entertainment package at home (iPod, book, DVDs, smartphone with games).

3. Forgets that the weather is different in different cities. (Chicago is a bit colder in winter than Miami. Think I should have brought a coat?)

2. Hasn't figured out that carry-ons can't fit lengthwise on the left side of the plane.

1. Actually knows what city he's in this week. - Skyler Thomas, Georgetown, Texas

10. They are wearing clothes with so much metal they'd have to strip to pass through the detectors.

9. They don't have their boarding pass and picture ID available at security.

8. They start yelling at the gate agent when their flight is delayed.

7. They ask the flight attendant what meal will be served in coach.

6. They arrive at the airport with 30 minutes before boarding on a Friday afternoon of a three-day holiday weekend and seem surprised at the security line.

5. A woman with a roll-on suitcase, a ­carry-on tote, a large purse, and a shopping bag of gifts who gets upset at the gate agent for telling her she is limited to two carry-ons.

4. They arrive at a foreign airport and stop in their tracks, looking at the signs, even though nothing is in English.

3. They board a plane from a warm climate wearing shorts, shirtsleeves, and open shoes and wonder why they are freezing the whole time.

2. They try to stuff a bulging carry-on suitcase in the overhead cabinet and get angry when the flight attendant informs them it will have to be checked.

1. They seem confused and then angry when the ticket agent tells them there'll be an extra fee for their 100-pound suitcase (for a four-day trip), and then try to unload some of their things to anyone willing to take them. - Sandra Kinkade, Fort Worth, Texas