1. Rookies do not grab the first free blanket they see when boarding.

2. Rookies purchase headsets for $2.

3. Half of the stuff in the rookies' carry-ons now belongs to the Transportation Security Administration.

4. Rookies pay attention during the safety briefing.

5. Rookies' bags have a "heavy" tag.

6. Rookies expect food on the plane.

7. Rookies mistake the cockpit door for the bathroom door.

8. Rookies do not start reading American­Way from the back, at Jim Shahin's column.

9. Rookies do not know how to clear their ears during descent.

10. Rookies aren't upset when they're assigned a middle seat. - David Fenstermacher, Media, Pennsylvania

10. Look for a passenger stuffing paper­department-store bags into an overhead bin.

9. Look for the traveler who tries to go through security with a large cowboy belt buckle.

8. Look for a passenger who has a middle seat and actually asks you to switch your aisle seat with him.

7. Look for a hotel guest who relies on the hotel's wake-up call.

6. Look for an airline passenger who thinks that "all overhead space" means "all mine."

5. Look for a passenger in an airport who's pulling out clothes in the check-in line because his bag weighs 80 pounds.

4. Look for a hotel check-in guest who does not have a room at 11 p.m. because no late arrival was guaranteed.

3. Look for a greenish cruise-ship passenger who had no idea that the ship might rock.

2. Look for a passenger stepping out of a taxi who has no cash or credit card.

1. And, finally, look for a passenger who asks you for a pillow just because you're a woman wearing a navy suit. - Patricia Conover, McKinney, Texas