10. Snakes to the front of the line to board the plane, even while holding a Group 6 boarding pass.

9. Wields a backpack/megapurse that knocks the heads of every aisle-seated passenger.

8. Thinks flirting followed by anger will result in a seat upgrade - and improve the weather.

7. Wonders aloud what celebrities are in First Class.

6. In an ambitious but vain attempt to look like the natives, wears a cowboy hat when traveling to Texas, a white linen jacket to Miami, and a flowered shirt to California.

5. Completely incapable of dealing with delays, adjacent children, and undesirables without voicing their displeasure at an ­embarrassing volume.

4. Uses carry-on luggage that was previously in duty to transport groceries.

3. Has forgotten the value of "Please" and "Thank you."

2. Eats in the same restaurants on the road that he frequents at home.

1. Pays no attention to the beauty and the uniqueness of every place he travels. - Paul Ceverha, Dallas, Texas

1. I once saw a lady who came on the plane with her kids and sat down in First Class. When the ticketed person asked her to move, the lady mentioned she was there first.

2. Trying to carry on an item that must be kept at the security checkpoint.

3. Looking for ID at the checkpoint, holding up passengers.

4. Attempting to board the plane outside the normal group calls.

5. Dressed in very uncomfortable clothes because it makes them look good.

6. Asks where this plane is going.

7. Very excited at hotel check-in (with, of course, seven bags for a four-day stay).

8. Someone who tries to slip a bag two sizes too big under the seat.

9. I once heard someone complain that a bag was in "her spot" in the overhead bin above her seat, even though the spaces around her were empty.

10. Someone who fidgets with the auto-mated­ machines.

- Rich Renner, Maryville, Illinois