1. They take pictures of the customs agent.

2. They have 14 pieces of luggage.

3. They have no idea what a Turkish toilet is.

4. They eat American fast food in Paris, Beijing, etc.

5. They expect everyone in the world to speak English.

6. They pay the first price asked in a market.

7. They wear shorts with dark crew socks.

8. They push the call-attendant button again and again.

9. They leave their belt in the security check station.

10. They make jokes about carrying weapons while they're at the airport. - Lynn Mallory, Kannapolis, North Carolina

1. Early. 2. Early. 3. Early. 4. Early. 5. Early 6. Early. 7. Early. 8. Early. 9. Early. 10. Early. No, really:

1. Still early

2. Sitting too close to the gate.

3. Sitting (we stand and talk on our phones).

4. Too much luggage.

5. Still early.

6. Don't know the rules of boarding.

7. Stand when the AAdvantage members are called and block the way into the holding area.

8. Chatty.

9. Don't have a number of valet tickets hanging off the carry-on.

10. EARLY. - Shannon Watts-Miller, Keller, Texas