10. Drinking a bottle of water as they go through security.

9. Embarrassed when they realize an ATM card does not work in the e-ticket kiosk.

8. Their frequent-flier status is "tin."

7. Think it is okay to call a female flight attendant "Toots."

6. First question to flight attendant pushing beverage cart is, "What do you have?"

5. Try to distinguish luggage by tying purple ribbon to handle because "nobody else will do that."

4. When standing in security line, say "What's the big holdup?"

3. Ask for a seat in the back - in the smoking section.

2. Keep confusing overhead-light button with flight attendant call button.

1. Keep airsickness bag on lap the entire flight. - Greg Schwem, Lemont, Illinois

10. Those poor souls in the middle seat.

9. Standing in Times Square with a map, looking puzzled.

8. Those waiting in the long line to rebook a canceled flight rather than calling the airline's 800 number.

7. Those sitting on the floor at the overcrowded gate rather than in the comfort of the Admirals Club.

6. People in the long, long security lines because they do not have the elite status that enables them to goin the shorter line.

5. Those who travel with black luggage, the same color as 90 percent of all the other people's on the flight.

4. Those Heathrow travelers who take an expensive, long taxi ride into central ­London instead of taking the quicker, cheaper Heathrow Express train.

3. Those who deal with the Friday travel rush rather than spending an extra night and enjoying life and traveling home the next day, stress-free.

2. Those who buy those blow-up neck pillows, which never work.

1. Those who don't take full advantage of ­frequent-flier or frequent-­hotel-guest programs and who think bonus points aren't important. - Richard Glaser, Brookline, Massachusetts