1. Stands directly in front of ticket kiosk while waiting for name to be called for baggage tag.

2. Stands in line for 30 minutes, watching each and every passenger provide ID and boarding pass, but initiates search for ID and boarding pass only upon reaching the security screener.

3. Adorns herself with multiple rings, bracelets, and earrings, and initiates long discussion with the security personnel concerning the necessity to remove steel-toe boots.

4. Interprets signs and verbal reminders to "keep your boarding pass in hand" as code for "place boarding card into inaccessible interior pocket of carry-on bag."

5. Upon hearing the phrase "Excuse the cart," immediately stops walking and looks from side to side.

6. Forgets kindergarten math and stands at boarding area expecting that, in the alternate universe that is the airport, Group 5 will come before Group 2.

7. While boarding, takes the maximum amount of time in the aisle while searching the bottom of his large carry-on bag for important items like a lost Snickers bar before shoving the bag in overhead bin, crushing all other contents in bin.

8. Requests verbal recitation of all available beverages from flight attendant during in-flight service.

9. When disembarking, stops immediately upon entry into terminal to ensure mass pileup of passengers behind him. 

10. Upon learning that road warrior travels for work, travel rookie states how lucky you are - and who are we kidding, we are pretty lucky. - Tammy Redmon, Fort Worth, Texas

1. Luggage owns the person.

2. Rushes.

3. Obsessed with the details.

4. Wears high-heeled shoes.

5. Talks too loud, too much in small public places.

6. Luggage doesn't have wheels.

7. Can't accept "no" when things go wrong or change.

8. Reclines his seat all the way during mealtime.

9. Thinks he has to have a paper ticket … e-ticket, what's that?

10. Compares everything with how it is at home. - Janie James-High, Prescott Valley, Arizona