We asked you to write Top 10 lists on how to spot a travel rookie, and you responded. (Boy, did you respond!) Here are some of our favorites partly because we know that almost all of us have made at least a few of these mistakes. We saw lots of the same rookie-travel "violations" over and over.

The Ultimate Top 10

Here's a compilation of the ones we saw most often.

10. They have a paper ticket.

9. They stand in line instead of checking in online or at the self-service kiosks.

8. They get to the airport way too early.

7. They have too many carry-ons and think the overhead bin belongs to them and them alone.

6. They attempt to walk down the aisle before beverage service is over.

5. They ask the flight attendant what the meal is in Coach.

4. They eat at American fast-food places like McDonald's and KFC when in foreign countries.

3. They buy something smelly like Chinese food or fish to eat on the plane.

2. They wear too much jewelry, big belt buckles, and inappropriate shoes when going through security - delaying everyone behind them.

1. And without a doubt, the most mentioned violation was ... They try to get on the plane with Group 1, even though their ticket clearly says Group 6.