Oops - you've left home with a PDA, cell phone, and laptop in hand, but the travel guide is back on the nightstand. No problem. Just download it on the road and find a romantic restaurant, Sting tickets, even that hotel with the heart-shaped tubs (if you so choose). Here's a sample of the services that can get you there.

Zagat Survey
Format: PalmOS
Operating Devices: Palm and Handspring PDAs
Content: The denizens of dining offer two cyber routes tosating your travel appetite: one with basic capsule reviews for select stateside locations, and a broader package of reviews covering 11 major U.S. destinations, complete with cross-referenced categories and a nightlife guide.
Cost: The basic package is free; full package, $29.95.
Where to Get It: The abbreviated version is online at Download the full package or order the CD-ROM at, or call (800) 333-3421.

Lonely Planet CitySync
Format: PalmOS
Operating Devices: Palm III, V, VII series; Handspring Visor; IBM WorkPad
Content: Whether it's London calling or one night in Bangkok, Lonely Planet's got you covered. For 14 favorite destinations around the globe, get everything from taxi fares to safety tips, with maps and info on hotels, restaurants, shopping, and entertainment. Cost: $49.99 gets you an initial package of four cities of your choice, plus a fifth city free if you register online. After that, it's $19.99 for individual destinations.
Where to Get It: Download or order the boxed CD-ROM from, or call (800)275-8555. Handspring starter modules come pre-loaded with Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

Fodor's MiniGuides
Format: PalmOS, Windows CE
Operating Devices: Palm VII, Palm V (with Omni- Sky), Windows CE-type PDAs (only through
Content: No traveler can see it all and stay sane. Fodor’s alternative: customized versions of hotel and restaurant recommendations for more than 30 U.S. cities, based on its Gold Guide series.
Cost: Free
Available: Comes packaged with the Palm VII and OmniSky wireless service plans, online at, and through (for Windows CE devices).