If this little beauty doesn't give you a whole list of ideas for keeping the romance alive while you're away, well, good thing you have us to help. For the thinking-impaired: The RICOHRDC-i700 makes a 3.34 megapixel digital camera into a Web-surfing son-of-a-gun. Shoot some pix of the family at the breakfast table and, while you're somewhere over the Atlantic, use the on-screen keyboard to create your own personal newsletter illustrated with those photos. When you land, plug your modem into the nearest pay phone and e-mail the newsletter back home. Plus, the Virtual Assistant Software can receive faxes and e-mails with attachments so your business life continues unobstructed. For those mid-flight flashes of inspiration, the i700 offers a voice recorder and writing tablet for personal memos, whether spoken or jotteddown. $1,500; available next month at

A regular on the Newark-to-London route? Set Timex's new wristwatch-cum-pager to keep track of your days, hours, minutes, and seconds in both time zones; it'll even update for spring-forward and fall-back. Five reminder alarms alert you of the appointments you're not allowed to miss, and a backlight helps you check the time when the sky is black and your jet lag won't let go. No excuses for missing your morning run, either: A chronograph programs countdowns, lap splits, and total track times. So why is this cool new toy called the INTERNET MESSENGER? News, sports, stock quotes, and weather reports via SkyTel's monthly wireless service. You can use the pager for e-mail, too; send up to 100 characters, or about 15 words. Hint: "I love you" is only three. $99; available this month in three strap styles; (800)367-8463. SkyTel (888-214-2128) monthly service from $4.99 (numeric only) to $9.99 (alpha numeric).

Now you won't be able to explain away the phone call you forgot to return. SAMSUNG'S PDA PHONE combines a telephone with the reminder to dial it - and an entry with the proper telephone number, address, even dress size if you so choose. As a Palm OS-compatible, Samsung provides familiar goodies: Graffiti Writing software, a clock, calculator, memo pad, appointment scheduler, and address/phone book. Not-so-familiar features? E-mail, Web browsing, and data transfer. Switch on the dual-mode phone and you'll find call waiting, call forwarding, and caller ID, so you can't claim you didn't get the message, either. Speed, hands-free, and voice-activated dialing take care of any other explanations you might dream up. Don't be surprised if she buys one for you. Around $600; available this spring at (800) 726-7864.

When you get your hands on the COMPAQ MP2800 MICROPORTABLE PROJECTOR, no doubt you'll first justify the purchase with a snazzy new presentation for prospective clients. After all, that's the main reason you travel so much, right? But then you'll probably move on to more creative, personal projects. Either way, this three-pound projector won't bog you down when you're dashing through airports or exhibit halls. It's easy to set up and operate, too. Lamp replacements, for example, come in cartridges, saving on delays and sparing fingers from red-hot bulbs. The multimedia adapter makes your wildest sales leads come true - you can hook up to a PC, DVD, VCR, or camcorder and put your vision on the nearest wall or screen. Lest you stumble, however, we'll mention the erstwhile couple on the car commercial. You know the one - they return the wrong video to the video store. The really wrong video. So double-check the camcorder and/or video cartridge before you hit the play button. $4,999; available now at (800)345-1518.