Listen to the Voices

There’s help for those of us who love the discovery of travel but hate to look like a tourist. These days, iPods replace the ubiquitous umbrella-toting tour leader. They save us from asking directions and unfolding unwieldy maps on foreign street corners. So rush to your computer now and download these sound-seeing programs that will illuminate your next sojourn.

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are colorful dining and drinking guides from Rough Guides that reveal the food and drink of Dublin, Amsterdam, Madrid, and other cities. Free,

Soundwalk assaults the senses with audacious interactive walks through New
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York neighborhoods (as well as some other destinations). Led by voices from the area, you’ll hip-hop through the Bronx and beyond with these streetwise audio programs. $12,
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BlueBrolly’s London Audio Walks take you on 50-minute wanderings from Shakespeare’s Globe to the murder sites of Jack the Ripper. $9 to $22,