In the back-to-school spirit, our September 1 issue featured a special package that looked at children's education. Continuing that seasonal theme, in this issue we've compiled a special report on the latest in business education.

"Business schools are tremendously influential on the business world and, as an extension of that, society as a whole," says Tracy Staton, the senior editor who developed and executed the report. "But companies aren't just on the receiving end. They help shape business education through their recruiting strategies and their demands on the fastest-growing segment of business schools, execu-tive education programs. Ultimately, company requests for special courses don't just affect executive-ed programs, but trickle down into MBA and EMBA instruction. It made sense, then, for us to look at both sides of that coin: trends at the MBA schools, and trends in demand for executive education."

In the online edition of American Way you'll find Ethical Dilemma" a feature on ethics in education. I've included below some interesting tidbits on b-school rankings, MBA salary stats, and more.

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