Today’s lesson: A field guide to the three types of Homo officius (aka typical office worker). Pilers, Filers, and Tossers — each type is easily identifiable by the work-space topology. The Piler furnishes his habitat with stacks of all kinds, most often loose papers (but dedicated Pilers will stack anything within their reach). The Filer’s habitat may appear unoccupied, every piece of paper having been squirreled away into a file drawer. He’s not to be confused with the Tosser, though, whose desk may be clean but whose trash can is stuffed to overflowing.

Assignment: Observe these types in the field and then test your knowledge with this quiz.

1. Which type answers to the nickname “sophisticated workaholic”?

2. Which type calls itself “low-maintenance” and “young at heart”?

3. Are PhDs most likely to be Filers or Tossers?

4. Which group dreams of vacationing on a tropical island?

5. Is a Filer more likely to be a Republican or a Democrat?

6. Which type is apt to keep a cat as a pet?

7. Prestigious jobs are most likely to be held by which type?

8. You listen to R&B and jazz. You’re probably a _______.

Study commissioned by Pendaflex, the organizational-solutions company, upon release of its new organizational products for Pilers.

ANSWERS: 1. Piler 2. Tosser 3. Neither; they’re usually Pilers 4. Filer 5. Republican 6. Tosser 7. Piler 8. Filer